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The sound of gold.

   If you have ever had your hearing tested, you know that we all have trouble hearing some tones.

  Metal detectors can make a variety of tones depending on its brand and the size and depth of the object. Plus, the different brands of headphones use a variety of speaker sizes and magnets.

  Each combination of metal detector and headphones can deliver different tones on the same target. Some sets can even give tones you may not be able to hear.

  I believe that when prospecting for gold, you need to be able to hear every tone your metal detector makes, no mater how faint.

  Next time your out with your buddies prospecting, swap head phones with one of your friends and hear the difference for yourself.

  To find the best headphones for your detector, you should pretest each set of head phones in the store before you buy. It is a good idea to get permission from the store before you walk in with your metal detector. Once inside the store, plug in a set of headphones into your metal detector and use a small test sample of gold to create a noise on your metal detector. You could use a coin or a nail as your test metal but, if you are prospecting for gold, it is best to use a small nugget.

  Most metal detectors today give different tones for different metals and you need to hear the tone of the metal your prospecting for. Start your test by facing the coil up side down and waving the gold over it. Test the sound of the headphones by moving your gold at differing distances from the coil to simulate the difference depths you could find a target. Listen carefully to the sound the headphones will make with each test.

  Pick up the next set of headphones and plug them into your metal detector, then repeat the test. Do this with each set of headphones the store has until you can determine the best set for your metal detector and your hearing.

  You might be surprised that a cheaper set of headphones could be the best set for you but, remember that the cost of the headphones is not important when you start finding all the gold you’ve been missing.

  When you can hear the faintest of tones, you will be able to find the smallest flakes of gold and that is what it is all about, finding more gold.

About the author:
Bowser is one of the founding members of Find Free Gold™.

With years of gold prospecting experience, Bowser is a great help with designing and testing new equipment for our company
Find Free Gold™.

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Bowser says,
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you won't dig it
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