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Article 10  

Finding Gold in your area.

   Today, we are discussing how to find places that you could have a good chance of finding gold in your area and near your home town.

  We believe that you too could be out finding gold in your area and near your home town, within just a short time and a small amount of research.

  One of the first places that I go to look for information is my local BLM office. There I find helpful people that direct me to maps of my area and to listings of active and older inactive mining claims. They also help with the local regulations that are in your area. Once I get the maps home, I use the maps to look for any groupings of active mines. Then I check the groupings for old inactive mines just downhill from them. Old inactive mining claims downhill from active claims are some of the places that I like to search first.

  If you don't have a local BLM land Office to help you with regulation and open properties, I would suggest you look to your local chamber of commerce. They usually have a listing for the prospecting clubs in your area. These clubs normally have mining claims for members to use and for club outings.

  If you don't have mining clubs in your area, there is always the opportunity for you to join a national organization like Gold Prospector Association of America. They publish a book of claims that as a member you can visit anytime you want. Plus, they have magazines full of useful information on gold prospecting across the USA.

  All of these places and more can be found listed on the Internet. I have found it worth the time to also do a few searches of your favorite search engine on gold mining in your area.

  With the price of gold going up almost every day and the need for planning fun family trips, now is the time to experience the joy of gold prospecting.

About the author:
Bowser is one of the founding members of Find Free Gold™.

With years of gold prospecting experience, Bowser is a great help with designing and testing new equipment for our company
Find Free Gold™.

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Do your research,
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