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Article 4  

Gold Streak.

   Everyone wants to get as much gold as possible each time they go out prospecting. Sure, its easy to get some color on each trip but, how can you find even more?

  One way is to find the gold streak and follow it. What is a gold streak you ask? Well, as gold is swept downhill during storms, it tends to find the most direct path. In doing so, gold will form a line or streak of rich concentrates winding downhill. Finding this streak or line of gold can be difficult.

  Prospectors that use dredges will routinely work across the width of the stream looking for signs of the gold streak. In the clear water it is easy to see where there is a thicker layer of gold laying on the bedrock. Once a likely spot is found, they turn the dredge hose up stream to follow the streak. Sometimes the dredge operators get lucky and find a gold streak, most of the time, the gold runs out and what they thought was a streak ends up to only be a small pocket. But, some small pockets can hold more then an ounce of gold so, no one complains, they just keep looking for the streak.

  We all can use this same method to find the gold streak on the stream or dry wash we are

  Find a good looking spot and instead of immediately working up or down hill, work across the stream or dry wash. Gold travels along the bedrock so, go ahead and run the overburden through your equipment but, every foot or two sweep up the two inches of material that lays atop the bedrock and pan it out separately. Watch the amount of gold you find in each pan. If you get less gold in each test pan, go the other direction. If your pan turns gold, dig with the flow.

  As you follow the gold streak, it is always a good idea to test pan the material on the bedrock every so often to make sure the gold streak has not made a turn to the left or right.

  Finding and following the gold streak can greatly increase the amount of gold you find on your next outing.

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Bowser says,
Look for pockets of gold
and pockets are found
inline with gold streaks.

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