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Article 5  

Be prepared.

   We all do the scramble, grabbing everything we believe we will need for a day of prospecting and tossing them into the our vehicle. Then as we drive off, we always wonder if we forgot something and ponder if we charged the batteries or filled the water jugs? Nothing can put a damper on a outing like equipment that has unforseen problems.

Personal Items:
  Think, anything can happen at anytime. Take a coat, dry socks, emergency blanket, flashlight, snacks, drinking water and some way to start a fire. It is also a good idea to have a first aid kit with you. A good first aid kit will have a book on first aid, bandages and anti-biotic cream. Toss in a few ace bandages, they can be used for attaching splints or as a sling.

  Carry extra oil, water and brake fluid. Make sure you have a few tools, jack, lug wench and a 12 volt tire pump. How long has it been since you checked the air pressure in your spare tire?

Power sluices, High Bankers and Dredges:
  Give them a quick lookover for missing parts, rust and other visible possible problems. If you can, it is always a good idea to pre-run these tools before you take them out prospecting after they have been stored for the winter. On tools with pumps and hoses, a small wading pool works great to provide the water to check for leeks, loose fittings and fouled plugs that may have happened over time in storage. Carry a few extra hose clamps, spark plugs and oil.

Metal detectors:
  Check the cords that run from the box to the coil for cuts and cracks. How about the batteries? Are they charged? Take extras jest in case. Make sure all of your tools are in their place like your digging tool, magnet, pick, scoop and something to put the things you find into, like a sample bag or plastic bottle. It is also a good idea to have a few crevassing tools with you to get those small pieces of gold out of the cracks in the bedrock.

Dry washers:
  Set the tool up in your home and make sure all of the pins and clips are there. Take a look at the riffle tray for holes in the cloth. Look at the seal between the riffle tray and the blower box. Check the clamp(s) that hold the riffle tray down and make sure they are snug. On 12 volt units make sure the battery is charged. Check the bellows for cracks or holes in the cloth. Check the belt, pulleys and lube the bearings if needed. On units with a blower motor, pre-run the motor to make sure it will work in the field. Have an extra spark plug and a spark plug wrench in your tool box. Carry extra oil for the fuel and crank case. Inspect the hose and make sure the clamps are there to attach it to the motor and dry washer. Spin the fan with your hand and check that it spins freely. On four stroke engines check the crank case oil level and clean the air filter.

Hand tools:
  Check your gold pan and panning tray for cracks. Make sure you have your shovels, rakes, picks, classifiers, snuffer bottle and gold vials in your vehicle. Fill your water jugs. You don’t want to find out you left this stuff on your porch after you are all of the way out on the claim.

  A little time spent at home can save a lot of frustration on your outing.

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Bowser is one of the founding members of Find Free Gold™.

With years of gold prospecting experience, Bowser is a great help with designing and testing new equipment for our company
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