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Article 7  


   You may have been bitten by the gold bug if:

 You spend all night packing your gear for the next days trip and still wake up before the
alarm clock goes off.

 When you get home, you pan the dirt in the cuffs of your pant legs.

 All of your empty coffee cans are filled with black sand and stacked in the garage.

 When someone walks up and asks if you are finding any gold, you point to the next mountain
range miles away.

 You tell your spouse that you are going to visit a sick friend and you spend the day panning
concentrates in their garage.

 You have 6 kids and own a pick-up.

 You take the kids to the park and find yourself test panning the little stream with a frisbee.

 You find yourself watching an ant hill just to see if the next piece of sand the ants carries out glitters.

 You’ve trained your dog to only dig holes on the claim.

 You find yourself vacuuming out the bottom of the holes your dog dug on the claim.

 You’ve brought home so much concentrates, your wife has turned your tailing pile into a flower bed.

 You work harder at your hobby then your job.

 You’ve bought a bathroom scale to weigh your gold.

 Your fishing vest has more prospecting gear then tackle.

 You pick up pretty rocks and toss them a side if you don’t see color.

 You start measuring your gas milage in grams.

 You ask Santa Clause for a new shovel for Christmas.

 Your car is parked out in the rain so that you can pan in your garage.

 You spend your whole vacation out in the middle of no where.

 You’ve found yourself laughing at any of these jokes.

About the author:
Bowser is one of the founding members of Find Free Gold™.

With years of gold prospecting experience, Bowser is a great help with designing and testing new equipment for our company
Find Free Gold™.

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Bowser says,
I bit that bug back,
now it finds more
gold then I do.

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