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  The sound of gold.

  When you can hear the faintest of tones, you will be able to find the smallest flakes of gold and isn't that what it's all about, finding more gold.

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  Test sampling.

  The only time I will pick up a shovel is when I find a spot with so much gold, itís worth a sore back.

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  Sweeping Gold.

  One day I saw an old prospector sweeping the desert floor, not with a metal detector but, with a standard kitchen broom.

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  Gold Streak.

  Finding and following the gold streak can greatly increase the amount of gold you find on your next outing.

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  Be prepared.

  A little time spent at home can save a lot of frustration on your outing.

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  Understanding Classification.

  There are five types of classifying in the process of separating gold from the materials it is found in.

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You may have been bitten by the gold bug if:   When you get home, you pan the dirt in the cuffs of your pant legs.

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  Every layer had fist sized and larger rocks set in pea gravel with a silty sand over the top.

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  A tale of two tailings.

  One is made by the material flowing off the riffles. The other is made from large rocks rolling off the hopper screen.

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  Finding Gold in your area.

  How to find places that you could have a good chance of finding gold in your area and near your home town.

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  Pick the right tool for the job.

  Descriptions of some of the tools that have been designed to help the modern prospector move more dirt.

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  Gold pans and how to use them.

  Gold pans come in many shapes and sizes. All are designed to do the same task, recover gold.

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